There's a community of homesteaders that live practically in our backyard in northeast Missouri that many have never heard of. I think that's kind of the idea since they are an off-the-grid community. However, there's a new video that tells the story of how they live this unique lifestyle in a community in northeast Missouri.

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Flatland which I believe is part of the Kansas City Public Broadcasting group just shared a new video about the Bear Creek Community Land Trust in LaPlata, Missouri. Their official website explains what they're all about:

Twelve years ago, a village began on Frontier Lane in Northeast Missouri with the creation of the Possibility Alliance. It has been evolving ever since into a 184 acre community land trust: Bear Creek Community Land Trust is a balance of individually managed leaseholds and commonly shared pasture, orchards, ponds, wild spaces.  The community that has stewarded this vision is a small group of families and individuals committed to exploring alternatives to private land ownership and consumer culture.

The residents have a compelling story to tell about what it's really like to live off the land without property per se.

I was taken about one of the residents who talked about things she did when she lived in the city that were "automatic" that she now has to do with thought and intent. There are real life things that need to be done and when you do away with the modern conveniences, thought and planning are definitely required.

I've reached out to the community for a radio interview and will share it here if they agree. In the meantime, you can find out more about this unique northeast Missouri community through their own words on their official website.

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