You're gonna be surprised when you hear this, but there's a story of an Illinoisan going into the woods and seeing something totally unexpected. He saw...trees. Oh, wait. That's not unexpected at all, but it really is kind more scary than you think.

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If it sounds like I'm making fun of this person, it's because I probably am although I don't mean this to be mean-spirited. It's a story that just got dropped on YouTube told in a Creepy Pasta kind of way.

If you have the time, do the guy a favor and watch his video. Here's the short version:

1. The trail in Illinois he's wanting to hike has a "no access" sign blocking it. He ignores that (good decision).

2. He sees evidence of a previous fire (another great sign before a hike).

3. He sees a ranger looking the other direction (probably at Bigfoot)

4. He sees creatures that look either like insects and/or trees. Let's just call it a tree monster.

I'll let him tell the rest.

That's harrowing. To almost get attacked by a giant tree monster in Illinois is not a tale we can all tell. Glad you survived, dude.

In his defense, it would make sense for a "monster" to want to be able to blend in and I can't think of a better disguise in the woods than to look sort of like a tree. Brilliant.

Thanks to the narrator for a colorful telling of this Illinois tree monster story. Trees in the woods. Shocking.

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