If you're looking for a way to keep your windshield from icing over on those cold Indiana mornings, here's a little hack that just might do the trick for you.

We all know that winter is coming...well technically it's already wintertime, but you know what I mean. The colder temps, ice, snow, and every headache that comes with all of those things are on the way. This upcoming Indiana winter could see above-average precipitation, according to a recent report. On top of that, the Farmer's Almanac forecasts that we're in for an "unseasonably cold" season. They also include the word, "snowy." If you believe in winter weather folklore, recent persimmon seeds show that we are going to have a lot of snow this year. That being said, now would be a good time to get prepared for winter weather. What better way to do that than by sharing a winter weather hack that you might not know about?

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How to Prevent Your Windshield From Icing

One of the most irritating things that come with winter weather is having an ice-covered windshield. Sure you can go outside earlier than usual and warm up your car, but that's just a waste of gas. Of course, you can always scrape off the ice from your windshield, but it's too cold to be standing outside scraping all of that off.


So what can you do? Well, when you see that freezing temps and winter weather will be coming, stay one step ahead of it. All you need to do is go into the kitchen the night before and grab a potato, cut it in half, and rub it all over the windows on your vehicle.

According to the Farmer's Almanac,

The night before freezing temperatures, rub a half of a potato over your car’s windshield. The sugar from the potato creates a barrier over the window and prevents ice from forming, so you’ll come out in the morning and won’t have to scrape!

There you have it. A super easy, cheap, and effective way to keep those car windows from being covered with ice in the morning. Oh, and that's not the only food-related winter weather hack. Used coffee grounds come in handy for your porch and sidewalks during the winter too.  if you are looking for a way to keep the ice off of your sidewalks, this DIY sidewalk deicer might help you too. Check out a few more winter weather hacks below:

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