It's stinkbug season, y'all. 

Ah, as the autumn leaves begin to change, the fresh smell of stinkbugs fills the air.

Literally nothing is worse than having a house full of stinkbugs (ok, spiders is for sure worse, but they usually aren't as big of a problem). I mean, they're EVERYWHERE. I've found at least a dozen in my house over the last couple weeks. Yesterday, I had one CRAWLING UP MY ARM!

While I'll admit they aren't very intimidating, I still don't want them crawling around my house. In an act of desperation, I looked up some ways to get rid of the little fellas using some household products that I already had.

It's important to add that if you're not into killing the bugs, this tip isn't for you. If you'd like to save them, by all means just catch and release (because you're much braver than me).

Here's the concoction:

2 cups hot water
1 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup Dawn dish soap

*IMPORTANT* You MUST mix this slowly and in the listed order to avoid the concoction sudding up, which makes in ineffective. This also works as a repellent if you spray door trims and window seals.

This mix kills the suckers on impact! Happy spraying!

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