It's the time of year when families get together to celebrate the holidays. Most of the time, because of time, multiple family obligations, and work conflicts, that means getting together on a day other than Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Christmas has to happen whenever you can fit it into your busy schedule.

So, here is an idea that, even if you can't be there, will make it seem like you are a part of the celebration on Christmas Eve. iI's a Christmas Eve Box.

I've been doing a version of this since my kids were little. I would let them open one present on Christmas Eve. I got to pick the present. The gift I would always choose was the same, a pair of Christmas PJs along with a holiday book or video and some of their favorite candy.

Now, my kids are all grown up and I have one granddaughter and one on the way. This will be the first year that my granddaughter really knows what's going on and I won't be there to help her celebrate. I'm going to start getting her Christmas Eve Box ready, today, so I can ship it to her in time for Christmas.

Want to make a Christmas Box? Here's how to get started.

According to Good Housekeeping,

  1. Start with a box to hold the presents
  2. Add some festive entertainment to help little ones to drift off to sleep.
  3. Don't forget the cozy nightwear. 
  4. Added treats will make the box extra special. 
  5. Package up your box. 

What should you put in a Christmas Eve Box?

Typically, a Christmas Eve box is filled with a small selection of gifts like pajamas, chocolates, games, and books, but they can be tailored to suit any budget or theme. Curb their excitement by adding a small toy or game. Give them some new PJs to unwrap and wear to bed. Include a book to read on Christmas Eve night. - <a href=""></a>

How to decorate a Christmas Eve Box

Fun printables to go with inside your Christmas Eve Box

Your box and all of the personal, special, and festive items in the box need special lettering and labels. I found a ton of great ideas to go inside your box to help personalize them even more, HERE.


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