Tonight is the night!  The episode of TLC's 1000-lb Sisters that was filmed in Owensboro, Kentucky, will air tonight.  And there's a strong possibility that you'll see some folks you know on the show.

My friend Valarie Roberts, who is well-known as Kentucky's Etiquette Lady, will be prominently featured in the episode, a portion of which was filmed at the Miller House downtown.  Valarie was asked to be part of the show and teach Amy and Tammy Slaton (the 1000-lb Sisters) proper etiquette during an afternoon tea party.

Well, if you have ever watched 1000-lb Sisters, you know etiquette is hardly Amy or Tammy's strong suit.  I mean, these women, who hail from nearby Webster County, Kentucky, routinely burp, fart and curse on air.  I have no doubts that Valarie had her hands full.

For the episode, Valarie wrangled some friends to join her on set as extras and you'll likely see some of them in tonight's episode as well.  My friend Cathie Medley is one of them.  In fact, I got a glimpse of Cathie when I saw the Season 3 trailer for the show.  Take a look!

You'll see Cathie in the background at the 5 second mark.  That's her sitting at the table behind Tammy.

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Cathie Medley's family joined her on set as well.  Her husband Jeb and kids Hallie and Parker were there too.  So was Valarie's friend Laura Clark.  According to Valarie, though much of the episode was filmed on the Miller House's very visible and amazing front porch, everyone involved had to keep details of the show top secret.

Here's a more extensive preview of the episode.  You'll see Valarie in action!

1000-lb Sisters airs Mondays at 9pm CST on TLC.

Valarie joined me on the show this morning to chat about her experience filming the show with the Slaton sisters.

And, by the way, if you know someone who could use the help of Kentucky's Etiquette Lady, you can contact her through her official Facebook page The Good Manners Club.  As Valarie explains, "Etiquette is not about judging others or being judged, but rather, it's about showing the people around you respect, including yourself."

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