This past week, my friend Kat asked me to join a Facebook group and I can say without a doubt it's the most favorite Facebook group I've ever been a part of. First, off FB groups are weird - Admins seem to take the title of "admin" a little (or a lot) too seriously. If they could yell out, "FACEBOOK ADMIN ARREST FACEBOOK ADMIN ARREST" they would. #getoveryourself

But, I digress. This group isn't like that at all. It's just fun. It's called Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared and it's amazing. People post pictures of the craziest crap they find around the world. I love seeing things like:

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Cookie Man

Fancy Looney Tunes Lamp

Grandma Vase

While I was perusing the goods last week, I saw something that made me say - YES YES YES. My mom and I love thrift shopping, and we've seen our share of weird things. Once we found a framed picture of a skull made out of teeth. That was creepy. But now we are taking it to the next level. It's called The Ugliest Thing in My House Game and it's terrible but so satisfying.

All you have to do is find something ugly and give it to the other person. They have to display it in their home in a nice prominent place for all to see. This person plays for the year - they give these things as Christmas gifts - but I think I'm going to up the anty and say we'll be displaying it until they find something even better. Then they can pass it back or forward to another player. Also, we'll be raising the price to $5.

So there you have it. Are you brave enough to play?

I’ve posted before about the tradition I have with my mother...
Each Christmas we give each other “The Ugliest Thing You Find at a Garage Sale or Thrift Shop for Less Than $3.00” and that person then has to display said gift in their house for the next full year. Some have been utterly hideous and some are completely bananas.
This one is my all time favorite.
A Dr. Finkelstein cookie jar. She paid less than $3.00 for him and she had NO idea what a gem she was presenting that year. I’ve had him proudly displayed for almost 10 years now.


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