If I was forced to choose just one breakfast sandwich to eat for the rest of my life, it would most definitely be the Egg McMuffin. There's a reason it's been around as long as it has (dare I say longer than any other fast food breakfast sandwich), that's because it's straight yummy!

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McD's been filling bellies with the Egg McMuffin for nearly 50 years! And to celebrate the upcoming anniversary (in 2021), they are giving away FREE Egg McMuffins on Monday, March 2nd. Hungry customers must order the sandwich through the McDonald's app, and the offer is only valid from 6am-10:30am.

If you're like me, you might be asking why McDonald's is doing this today, March 2nd, when the 50th anniversary isn't until 2021. Well I can tell you that it is no coincidence that March 2nd is also the day that Wendy's launches a brand new breakfast menu. But regardless of their reasons, I'm just happy to get one my favorite breakfast sandwiches for FREE.

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