Last week, we got the news that there will be no new arena for the Owensboro Icemen for the 2017-2018 season. But there's another question here.

How viable IS the Owensboro Sportscenter as a hockey venue?

It's a venerable, historic old Owensboro landmark without a doubt. But it will now be asked to play host to not only a professional basketball team but a hockey team as well.

I've talked to many folks who've attended all sorts of events at the Sportscenter and it's mostly unanimous that the venue is difficult to maneuver when you're attending an event.

Actually walking behind the basket to get to a restroom or the concession stand has come up the most as a criticism. And that is awkward.

44Sports' JoJo Gentry looked into the viability of the Sportscenter as a professional hockey venue: