You know why I hate these fake-o blogs about cool crap that's said about or happening in our fair city? I hate having to be the one who shatters your hopes and dreams. The latest in a string of untruths is that The Notebook 2 is being filmed in Evansville. Ladies, I'm with you in looking forward to Hotty McHotterson Ryan Gosling steaming up the city. I, too, would like to fan girl Rachel McAdams. We could so be BFFs!

But, okay, let's think about this... SPOILER ALERT: they both die in the first one! They DIE. What would The Notebook 2 consist of - mortgages, changing dirty diapers, piles laundry, and all the other unromantic things that real marriages are made up of?

The fake website states, "The incredibly popular Nicholas Sparks film ‘The Notebook’ from 2004 is returning with a sequel tentatively entitled ‘The Notebook 2’ and will be filmed in Evansville, Indiana. Nick Cassavetes is returning as director and Nicholas Sparks has a finished screenplay in hand as filming is set to begin this summer. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are returning as their characters Noah and Allie. The sequel takes place shortly after their wedding when they move to Evansville for a period of time before eventually returning to Seabrook."

Do they enjoy brain sandwiches at the Fall Festival and binge on Ski and Grippos? Seriously? Now, in all fairness, there is Nicholas Sparks The Notebook #2 called The Wedding but if you read the plot summary, it's kind of a snoozefest and it's set 30 years later when their kids are grown. No way am I believing these two have grown kids. NOPE.

Okay, so maybe the hopeless romantic in you doesn't want to believe little old me. Maybe you want to hang on to that glimmer of hope that sexy Ryan Gosling and timeless beauty Rachel McAdams will rekindle that love right here in the River City... well, I hate to burst your bubble but apparently they'll be making The Notebook 2 appearances all over the country. Read about it here. Sorry!

Come'on peeps... just because it's online doesn't make it true. Oh, and let's go ahead and make sure you know that Forrest Gump 2, Beetlejuice 2, Labyrinth 2, Goonies 2 or any other sequel still isn't being filmed in the tristate.