Santa Claus, Indiana is about become a very, very busy place. The Spencer County community's busiest season is upon us. And, boy oh boy, is the town's namesake about to see his slow days come to an end, or what?

That's right. It's time for the kids to send a very important to letter to Jolly Old Saint Nick.

And here's how to do it, according to the city's website:

Letters can always be mailed from home but kids can also do it when they visit the Santa Claus Museum & Village AND they can write that letter at a very cool old antique desk inside the original Post Office.

I'm getting nostalgic already.

When the kids are done, they deposit them in a special box and then ring the bell to let Santa know they're finished.

And if your child IS writing from home, that mailing address is in the Facebook post below--and check out what ELSE it says:

Yep. If the kids get their letters in by 12/20, they'll get a reply.

Merry Christmas..and, kids, get those letters in now.

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