I enjoy the celebration of the Super Bowl. Hey, I like championships. I just don't follow the NFL like I do college football.

But I certainly know enough to realize that Tom Brady has the magic touch, doesn't he?

I also know that I will sit there at just as much full attention during the commercials as I will the game. And history proves I'm not alone. When we used to do Big Game parties  and try to give stuff away during the breaks, we found that wasn't as easy as we thought because fans were enjoying the ads just as much as the action. I get it.

In fact, the last time we had one, the following commercial began, and the place went dead quiet. I mean, when Paul Harvey speaks, everyone listens:

That instant classic--the Chrysler Corporation used a Paul Harvey speech from a 1978 FFA convention and made us all sit up and take notice--is my all-time favorite Super Bowl commercial. I get cold chills just thinking about it. And yes, I go back and watch it from time to time.

This year, I have no idea what advertisers will be showing us, but I do know that Coke, Pepsi, and, believe it or not, BUDWEISER are sitting the Big Game out. Most decisions are financial. And that makes sense, considering the year we've just left behind.

Now keep in mind, while ABC reports that Anheuser-Busch will be offering up ads for Bud Light (which they introduced during the 1983 Super Bowl), Mich Ultra, and its seltzer products, there will not be a commercial for its flagship, Budweiser.

Anheuser-Busch will, instead, give the money they'd spend on a Budweiser ad (which would be considerable) to COVID-19 vaccination awareness endeavors.

Similarly, while PepsiCo WILL be represented by Mountain Dew and Frito-Lay products, there will be no commercial for Pepsi itself.

Coke, Audi, and others will be going the same route.

But I don't imagine our viewing experience will be any less enjoyable. Some of the best Super Bowl commercials I've ever seen have been for companies or products I'd never heard of. I'll never forget when one of them had me CONVINCED that the late Christopher Reeve's paralysis had been cured (although, admittedly, the effects aren't as good today, but still):

That one was actually borderline disturbing. But, hey, it had a MASSIVE effect on me. And I'm sure I'll see another one or two that will do the same thing in 2021.

They just won't be about Budweiser, Pepsi, Coke, or Audi.

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