So...there's a website out there that claims Justin Timberlake is tired of the Los Angeles lifestyle and is looking for something simpler in his life. And guess what?

He's chosen Owensboro as his destination, so says

And a big fat hardy-har-har to you knp7, because I do not believe for one second that is happening.

Now, I do know that he's been recording in Nashville and that he and his wife, Jessica Biel, purchased property there.

But that's Nashville and this is Owensboro.

And, he's probably ALSO not moving to Missoula, Montana, either. That's something else is claiming. In fact, the site does so using the EXACT SAME WORDS as it uses in the Owensboro story.

You're not foolin' me, knp7.

Seems like hoax websites are all the rage, these days, doesn't it?