My life is BEYOND crazy busy. My husband works a LOT, so I'm pretty much on my own to coordinate our child's daycare situation, school, school functions, after school activities, shopping, cooking, and all the household chores - on top of all the other crap life throws at me like dentist appointments, veterinary appointments, and remembering to pay the bills. Am I the only one who has had to go to my mother-in-law's for a shower because I have too much going on? NO?

Somewhere in this big hot mess of life, I have to fit in time for me? HA! Laughable. Well, I occasionally sleep, buy a few basic clothing pieces at Walmart, slap on some spray tan, and get my hair done. And, since we are on the subject of Walmart, can I just say that I never planned on doing my clothing shopping there but they have really stepped up their game! And, they are cheap! And, I'm already there! I got these bad boys from the store a couple weeks ago for $20! I get tons of compliments!

Okay, so back to what I was saying... Yeah, my life is flippin' busy. And, I only have one child. God bless mamas with more!

One of the things that has helped me so much is my hair stylist. SHE COMES TO MY HOUSE. Now, let me explain something - I have a LOT of hair. A LOT!!! Doing highlights/lowlights on just my crown takes upwards of three hours. EEP.

This... THIS is my HAIR.

That's a big chunk out of my day! I actually went for about five months without a color because all I had time for was a cut. It was rough. But, luckily, my girl Valerie Beliles decided she'd do something a little different in her style approach. Instead of renting booth space - she comes to her clients' houses. There are stipulations - you have to be referred by someone she knows. No creepsters allowed!

Luckily, I got referred! Holy moly. I can pay my bills, yell at my kid, direct my husband in making dinner, cut out Frankenstein masks for school, yell at the dogs, fold clothes, drink margaritas, and yell at my husband! MULTITASKING. Now, some people like going to the salon, and I get that. Time to veg... Sounds great, but I just don't have that time and finding a babysitter or coordinating to make sure my husband will be home when a stylist is available sucks. Every second that I can carve out of my day, week, and year - has already been accounted for.

Anyway, I LOVE it and love Val for making the trip to Boonvegas every couple of months. Ask your stylist today about house calls. Some will accommodate!

Oh, and I'm loving this new shade of bronde. It's a thing. Even if my spell check disagrees.