I found a list of great "secret" Kentucky restaurants--places that don't make the tourism brochures but are probably some of the best places eat in the Commonwealth, regardless.

Well, I happen to know about ONE of the spots on the list, firsthand. I visited Bangie's Cafe back in February. (Of course, it's on the list I found under its old name Bon Ton Mini Mart.)

But yeah, Bangie's made the cut...as well it SHOULD!

Now, here's the deal about this list. There isn't ANOTHER restaurant on it any closer to us than Hopkinsville.

But don't think for one second I won't print it off and keep it handy just in case I'm in Lexington and want to tear into a buttermilk fried duck leg with a cornmeal and cheddar waffle.

Or maybe I might wind up in Covington (although, I don't know why) and get a craving for pretzel dumplings and a turkey, bacon, and goat cheese sandwich.

And who's to say I won't, one day, roll into Clay City looking for some good catfish with a side of fried banana peppers?

So, yeah, I'll keep this list handy. Maybe you should, too.