There was drama in Bloomington, Illinois recently when a family heard strange noises coming from the outside. It was a squirrel who had become trapped in their rain gutter and their video shows exactly what went down - literally.

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Spoiler Alert: this has a happy squirrel ending. That's worth mentioning from the beginning because it doesn't look good for this little guy as the family learned his head is stuck in the bottom part of their rain gutter. Here's what they shared about how this happened:

I was outside filming a Tiktok live because Tiger stopped by to chat with Ellie and I noticed his fur stood up on his back and we heard a GE noise...Tiger took me straight to the gutter where we heard scratching. My friend came over later to help me figure out what was in there. If it was not for Tiger, this little life would not have made it. The Squirrel is now named Freyja and is with a local wildlife rescue/vet and is being rehabilitated.

What began with a TikTok ended with a squirrel being saved. (NOTE: some NSFW language here)

I've seen rain gutters stopped up with just about everything, but never a squirrel before. Good thing for this little guy that the family heard him when they did. Guessing he would not have lasted much longer on a rainy day like this.

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