Not using this as a platform to talk what is right or just for inmates, but this fella suing the jail because his cookies aren't good? C'mon man.

Green Frosted St. Patrick's Day Cookies

Upset that their cookies are soggy and the jail food isn't good, three inmates in Kane County dropped a TWO MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT against the jail. SG

homemade chocolate chip cookies on white background in top view

It turns out that the jail is "neglecting their nutritional needs," in jail. Why don't I feel bad for them, or wait...It's freakin' JAIL.

chocolate chip coconut cookies dough, selective focus

The lawsuit is against Sheriff Pat Perez and Aramark Food Services, a company that does lots and lots of jail in over 500 different jails.


Other complaints are that the food is "cold and not up to par." Perhaps no A-1 for the steak? Oh wait, probably no steak.

So let's get into the cookie thing, that's why we are here. The jail cookies that are served to the criminals are apparently wet, and so is the cake. The reason for the "soggy" is the trays that they are served on. They are "wet and cracked trays."

Now I don't make decisions when it comes to this stuff, but let be toss this info your way. The fine, upstanding, individuals that are suing the jail...

  • Michael Nance - burglary charge
  • Devalius McDonald - criminal sexual assault
  • Deandre Clemons - drug possession and resisting arrest

So the burglar, the sexual assaulter, and the drug fella are pissed about the cookies they are receiving in jail. I don't know about you, but that's laughable...AND it's a two million dollar lawsuit? Good luck.

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