It is easy to pay for Illinois tolls on your phone without an I-PASS.

Driving On The Highways In Illinois

I do a lot of driving, especially for events in Chicago. When I travel, I prefer the quickest way possible. The majority of the time that means taking the highway. I have no problem with that. There are plenty of people out there who will avoid driving on them no matter what.


Traveling on the Illinois highways means at some point you are probably going to end up on a tollway. Now, you are paying to drive on it. Another reason residents will avoid using those roads.

Illinois Proposes Overhauling Toll Roads
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Using The Illinois Tollway

Back in the day, it was pretty easy to use the tollway in Illinois. You just threw your loose change in the cupholder and you were all good for the next trip.

Illinois Proposes Overhauling Toll Roads
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Then technology stepped in. You could get an I-PASS for your vehicle and did not have to stop at a tollbooth. A nice way to avoid traffic back-ups to pay. The cash option was still available too.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Toll Collectors Strike During Thanksgiving Travel
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Recently, all the manual paying lanes were removed. The only way now to pay for a toll is with I-PASS or on the internet. If you blow it off, there could be some major fines.

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Paying For Illinois Tolls Online

To be honest, I have been on the I-PASS bandwagon since the beginning, so I have not had to deal with it. I have been told by several people that it is a big pain to take care of your tolls without an I-PASS. It does not matter if you do it before or after your trip.

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Easy Way To Pay For Tolls Without I-PASS

Then one of my friends told me about an amazing discovery. He refuses to get an I-PASS. He found an app that takes care of all your missed tolls right from your phone. It is kind of like the best of both worlds.

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Pay For Tolls In Illinois Through Cellphone App

You can download an app on your cellphone called "FastToll Illinois." It basically works like I-PASS but you pay as you go instead of putting money on it.


Just drive on the tollway as normal. The app will actually keep track of the tolls you miss. Then just go on the app to pay. You do not even have to bother with the Illinois Tollway website. There are seven days to pay for them.

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If you refuse to get an I-PASS, I think that is basically the easiest way to drive on the tollway. For more info, HERE.

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