Let's face it, times have changed, times are strange, and it doesn't look like it's going to change. By now 99.99% of us are aware of staff shortages everywhere, especially in the food service industry. It should be no surprise to wait a little longer for a meal to be brought to your table if you're choosing to dine in. If this is something someone doesn't want to "deal with" they should cook at home.

The Rack on 72 via Facebook/Canva
The Rack on 72 via Facebook/Canva

Think before you get a negative attitude in a restaurant.

The Rack on 72, in Stillman Valley, Illinois, posted a lengthy recap of an incident that took place inside their establishment. Before highlighting that sad situation, they shared something I had never considered until I read it today. I always keep my attitude in check when ordering food but this hit hard.

When you make dinner at home does it take 20 min? Sometimes. Sometimes it takes an hour. My kids have special requests all the time for their food- and so does every customer coming in.

If that doesn't make you rethink being short when ordering food nothing will. Making dinner for my kids is challenging at times, I can't imagine doing it for 10, 20, 30, or more people.

Don't be this person, ever.

The bar & grill shared an incident that happened inside their business and I give them serious kudos. They didn't mention anything specific about the person involved, not even gender. Had it been me writing the post I don't know that I would have kept them completely anonymous.

To the person last night who thought it was ok to barge thru our kitchen doors (that have a sign saying employees only) I want you to know those people you screamed at, cursed at, and belittled are our family. It is not acceptable. The girl you stiffed on a tip and made cry because of how you acted because you thought you waited too long is 18 years old and trying to save money for life.




The post goes on to mention the rude guest had small children at their table, what a great lesson to teach some impressionable humans.

We are in this business because we love what we do. We love our staff. We love our customers. We will keep doing what we’re doing. But it’s people like this that make more and more businesses not want to do it anymore.

You can read their full post here but Let this serve as a reminder to be respectful, reasonable, and nice. Also, as someone who lives not far from The Rack, I can tell you with certainty this is "small-town" Illinois. If this rude guest is from Stillman Valley or a neighboring town, the incident will not soon be forgotten about.

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