This is a concern I've never had...What if I'm eating, and catch fire?

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Now hot food is hot food. I love some spice as a stream or sweat runs down my forehead..."But it's so good!" That is NOT what this LAW is all about. Seriously this is a law straight from the "Windy City." This is a great one, because literally CATCHING FIRE while you eat, that does not sound fun at all. TasteofHome

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These are a list of FOOD LAWS in different states around the country. Food Laws, what in the world? Don't eat too many cookies? Octopus should not be consumed? Share your chocolate bar or your kid will freak out? Nope, these are legit LAWS, let's look at a few:

  • Hawaii - Having more than ONE alcoholic drink in front of you at a time. Nope. What?
  • Georgia - Don't even think about using a fork and knife! Fried chicken, you MUST only use your hands.
  • Connecticut - Pickles must "bounce" or they are NOT pickles. WTH?
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    Now the Illinois FOOD LAW....Coming straight from the Windy City, you will not burn alive while eating!

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    In Chicago it's ILLEGAL, to be eating at a restaurant that is...ON FIRE. Yep, if there's  kitchen fire, maybe you tipped over a candle, oh maybe the chef lit his poofy hat on fire...You better run or Johnny Law is coming to get you!! Seriously, it's illegal to eat somewhere that is on fire. Good to know, and what in the heck!

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