Have you eaten the Stateline's Best Chicken Wings?

Fall has arrived and that means flannel shirts, boots, football and chicken wings. Chicken wings are absolutely a fall food, and that means it's time to figure out who has the best chicken wings in the area.


Throughout the month of September (which by the way can you believe September is over already?!) we had the delicious pleasure of finding the Stateline's Best chicken wings.

We went all over the place! From Roscoe to Machesney Park, Rockford and more, we tasted each of those incredible sauce concoctions but only one wing can reign supreme

And the winner is...


The Victory Tap on Harrison Avenue in Rockford!

We hear the minute they entered this contest they were serving up wings left and right, so much so that one night, they ran out!

So you better get your butt over there to try the Stateline's Best Wings!

When the team stopped by the help us announce their big win, we also made some cocktails to celebrate and Adriana explained which cocktail pairs best with each wing.

My favorites were probably the bbq and teriyaki, but honestly they were all delicious!

Coming soon on Good Day Stateline, we're looking for the Stateline's Best pizza, so you know you want to keep watching!

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