When you start a family and have kids you realize the true definition of chaos. Having more than one child is always an unpredictable situation. There are times when everything is going great and everybody is getting along, and then, there are those times when the whining, fighting and crying will not stop.

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I can remember my brother and I fighting so bad, my mom would be crying on the back patio telling us we should love each other. But, we are the fighting type. In fact, we still are. It's a good thing we don't live in the same city OR the same state.

No wonder my mom would have such a huge smile on my face when I would get frustrated with my kids and they're fighting. She loved it. It was karma coming back at me.

In my defense, I was always trying to keep my wild little brother in check. He was always doing things he shouldn't have been doing. Most of the time, when we fought, I was trying to protect or correct him and he would try to start a fight with me.

One of my former students posted this video of his adorable, little baby girl tattling on her big brother for crying. I'm not sure why his crying was going to get him into trouble, but she sounds pretty sure it will work.

But, was he really crying? Sounds like it. She makes a very convincing argument.

I asked him what was happening that she felt like she had to try and get her big brother into trouble, and this is what he told me.

She is 22 months. Apparently her brother was whining at her to get out of her room because he didn’t want to come downstairs for breakfast lol

When I read his response, I laughed out loud. Sounds a lot like something my baby brother would have done. I can sympathize with her big brother, SO much.

He cuteness is going to get him in a lot of trouble. LOL

Here are some more cute babies and toddlers of the Tristate.



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