What does the type of vehicle that you drive say about what kind of person you are?

According to an article from Men's Health, if you drive a Honda then you likely work in the education or healthcare field. Driving a Lexus means you're over 65 years old and work as a banker. And driving a Ford means you have a dog and work in construction.

Obviously, they are over-generalizing, but is there some connection between the type of vehicle you scoot around town in and the quality of human being that you are?

When I got to Rockford last week, one of my new co-workers was triggered after she noticed the type of car I had parked in the office lot. I found out this week that she had mentioned to others in the building that she hoped I wasn't a bad human like the other individuals she had encountered who drove this specific vehicle.

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The reason she's not a fan of what I drive is that two guys she had dated owned this model of car and both turned out to be d-bags. One had 5 other girlfriends while dating her, and the other was also revealed to be a cheater.

But this obviously had to only be HER experience with people who drove this kind of car, right? Nope.

There are other friends of hers who also had bad experiences with men who owned this type of ride.

So, for those of you who own a Nissan 350Z, or a similar model, there are some women in the Rockford, Illinois area who have already pre-judged the type of person that you are.

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

If I traded my car in, what should I get to look less douchey? According to a comment on the online forum city-data, it's "not the car that makes you a douche, it's the way you drive," said woxyroxme

In your opinion, what kind of vehicle does a d-bag drive? Hummer, IROC Z-28, or anything that has an obnoxious loud muffler?

Ladies, is there a certain car that a man drives that you would call a "red flag?"

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