You're not going to believe what these teenage thieves stole from a store in Illinois.

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Public Service Message For Future Criminals In Illinois

Before I get into this story, I would like to share a public service message. It's especially for future criminals in Illinois. DON'T DO IT! Seriously, don't break the law. Please stay away from a life of crime. It's not worth it. Your life will be ruined once you get caught. Trust me, you will get busted at some point.


If You're Going To Break The Law Then Make It Worth It

Once again, I highly suggest staying away from becoming a criminal. If you're not going to listen to me, then at least make it worth it. Don't steal something small and cheap. Go big or go home. Think about the "wow" factor. It will earn you more respect in prison. Remember the old saying, "don't do the crime if you ain't got the time."

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This Situation Is Up For Illinois Dumb Crime Of The Year

Have you ever noticed that criminals aren't very smart? Here's the perfect example.

According to,

Two teenage boys were seen stealing a large long-sleeve shirt and a pair of gym shoes about 4 p.m Thursday at Goodwill Store, 675 W. North Ave.



Analyzing This Dumb Crime In Illinois

Let's take a look at this crime. This pair of teenagers stole from a Goodwill Store. It earns money for charity. Can you say bad karma? Their score was a pair of gym shoes and a long-sleeve shirt. The total value was probably right around $5 at the most for these used items. Definitely not worth the trouble with the cops.

Police patrol in winter
Police patrol in winter

Dumb Crime Flashback

Do you remember this one from a few months ago? These thieves robbed a smoke shop thinking it was a dispensary. Check it out, HERE. Instead of the school of dumb and dumber, they need to take some classes at a school of crime.

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