A number of animal rescue organizations, both locally and nationally, are calling on a Southern Indiana laboratory to halt the practice of testing on puppies, and have requested that the 32 puppies scheduled to be put to death next week instead be released to the care of the rescues. The rescues are also asking for other animal advocates and members of the community to join them for a peaceful and public walk in protest of the laboratory's practices. Keep reading to find out how you can help.

Bioanalytical and Pharmaceutical Testing

Formerly known as Bioanalytical Systems Inc, the company is headquartered in West Lafayette, Indiana, and changed its name to Inotiv Inc in March 2021 after the acquisition of several other laboratory and research companies across the country, according to Indiana Inside Business. Inotiv is known for performing pharmaceutical testing on animals and has facilities in several states including Missouri, Colorado, and North Carolina, as well as an additional Indiana facility located in the southern part of the state in Mount Vernon.

Animal Testing in Posey County

If you were not already aware, animal testing is taking place in our community. Not only does the Inotiv facility in Posey County test on mice and rats, but the laboratory also conducts toxicity testing on larger mammals as well, including dogs, primates, and pigs. According to the Humane Society of the United States, an undercover investigation of the Mount Vernon, Indiana facility revealed the animals there were subjected to "suffering and death."

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Months-Long Undercover Operation

An investigator was hired by the Mount Vernon facility and worked undercover from August 2021 through March 2022 and what was discovered is quite simply horrific. During the seven-month investigation, the investigator worked on more than 70 different studies. Commissioned by two different pharmaceutical companies, the testing was conducted on over 6,000 animals during that time.

The Investigation Results Are Shocking

The animals are kept locked up behind bars, undergoing painful procedures including forcibly being made to ingest substances via stomach tubes, as well as enduring injections and multiple blood draws. The young primates used for testing in the facility are frequently bound in restraint chairs for long periods of time so that they can be inhumanely subjected to the procedures. The Humane Society of the United States describes the findings of the undercover investigation as "egregious."

...findings revealed throughout the investigation include:

  • At least two primates accidentally hanged themselves in restraint chairs.
  • Dogs continued to be given doses of substances even when they were vomiting, shaking and had high fevers and labored breathing.
  • The laboratory veterinarian did not always assess or treat severely sick dogs and primates, some wailing in pain, due to personal inconvenience.

[You can read the full investigative report here]

When the Testing Is Through

When the testing is through, the investigation revealed that most of the animals were killed once the studies had been concluded - this is typical for facilities that practice pharmaceutical testing on animals. There are currently 80 beagle puppies being subjected to the heinous cruelty taking place inside the four walls of Inotiv laboratories located in Mount Vernon as part of the testing commissioned by Crinetics Pharmaceuticals.

Time Is Running Out

For 32 of those puppies, the testing process is almost complete, and next week Inotiv plans to end their young lives. The Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society Legislative Fund, along with Mount Vernon and Evansville, Indiana-based animal rescues Posey Humane Society, PC Pound Puppies, It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue and the Vanderburgh Humane Society have put out a plea for help.

Ignoring Public Outcry

Both Inotiv and Crinetics Pharmaceuticals have blatantly ignored a petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures asking that they release the 80 beagle puppies. A representative from the Humane Society of the United States tells us that both companies have ceased answering public phone calls or voicemails. The animal advocates and the public at large are being asked to step up to show their support for these animals.

A Community Call To Action

“We have mere days left to secure the release of these dogs, who have endured unimaginable suffering for a largely unreliable result,” said Samantha Morton, Indiana state director for the Humane Society of the United States. “There is a 90% chance that the drug being tested on the dogs won’t make it to market, wasting animal lives. We are pleading with Inotiv to do the right thing; not just for these innocent dogs who deserve to live, but for the people who need effective treatments.”

Wear Blue for Beagles Walk

Beginning at 12 noon CST (1 pm EST) on Friday, May 13, 2022, everyone, including children and pets, is invited to join other animal advocates at Posey Humane Society for the Wear Blue for Beagles Walk. If you are unable to attend this peaceful walk in person, you are encouraged to take part virtually by sharing a photo of yourself dressed in blue on social media and using the #Blue4Beagles in your message imploring Inotiv and Crinetics to release the 82 beagles currently held in the Mount Vernon facility over to the care of the animal rescue community.


Where to Go and Where to Park

The peaceful walk will take place at Posey Humane Society, located at 6500 Leonard Road North in Mount Vernon, Indiana. Those attending will be able to find parking along the fence in the Posey Humane Society lot, as well as at Hawg N Sauce Barbeque.

Transport Vehicles at the Ready

During the walk, on Friday, May 13th, a small number of animal advocates representing the Humane Society of the United States, Vanderburgh Humane Society, Posey Humane Society, PC Pound Puppies and It Takes a Village Rescue plan to drive transport vehicles to the Inotiv facility in Mount Vernon with the intention of delivering collars and leashes for all 82 puppies, and urge Inotiv to immediately release the beagle puppies into their care.

Learn More

To learn more about the fight against Inotiv, not just in Indiana but in other states as well, and to find out how you can help the Humane Society of the United States end animal testing for good, visit HumaneSociety.org or send a letter to Inotiv CEO, Robert Leasure and Crinetics Pharmaceuticals founder and CEO, R. Scott Struthers, using the easy-to-fill-out, digital form letter found here.

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