Today, Warrick Animal Control posted that they are looking for the individual who dropped a white, heart worm positive pit bull off at the facility this past Sunday.

Warrick County Animal Control is looking for help in identifying the individual who illegally dumped a heartworm positive female Blue/White Pitbull on Easter Sunday without any water. If you have any information please contact WCAC directly at (812) 897-6107.


While I'm sure this person had the best of intentions - they probably just found the dog and wanted to return it to the owner or couldn't keep the dog and wanted to have Animal Control find it a new home, there are so many reasons why you should WAIT until a humane society or animal control is open to surrender your animal.

  • First up, it is ILLEGAL. You can be prosecuted if you leave an animal anywhere without a plan for its care. Nobody wants that.
  • The animal is without food or water for an unknown amount of time.
  • The animal could be left in hot or cold temperatures for an unknown amount of time.
  • The staff does not know if the animal is a stray or an unwanted pet. If the animal has health issues, they need to know. Likewise, if it's healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations, they need to know that too so they aren't double vaccinated.
  • If left in an unsecured cage, an animal can escape and face serious danger. Strays need to be quarantined at animal control. Health problems can put all the other animals in danger.
  • Finally, leaving an animal in a box for an unknown amount of time is cruel.

Now, many will argue that dropping off an unwanted animal is better than killing it or letting it go in a remote area. But, come on, be a good human. Treat other living creatures with care. The animal control staff is there to help find homes for animals.They want to help and they care about the well-being of these pets. Wait until the facility is open so they aren't put in any danger.


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