I have said many times that I adore winter. I love the way it feels and the way it looks. But, there are limits to my love.

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When I was little I couldn't wait for it to snow. I loved watching the snow falling outside my window. What I didn't like was going outside to play in it.

The reason, my mom would make us wear about 10 layers of clothes that always made me too hot and feel claustrophobic. I could hardly move. God forbid I fall down. I couldn't even bend my limbs or waist to be able to get back on my feet.

The only time i loved playing in the snow was after I got my three wheeler, (Yes, I'm showing my age, now LOL) when I was 13, for Christmas. It was a huge surprise and I couldn't wait to get outside and pull my friends around on the sled.

For those good times, I dressed myself and it sure wasn't in ten layers, either. I dressed like a 13 year old snow bunny. After all my boyfriend was usually there for the speed sledding. I had to dress to impress. LOL

Although, 2 year old, Maren looks very fashionable, in her winter weather attire, you can tell, she would much rather be inside enjoying the snow than outside. Maren, I can totally relate.

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