Who is Amanda Schaefer?

Amanda Schaefer is a podcast host, author, speaker, mother, daughter, mentor, and friend. She’s a storyteller and an encourager. She loves to inspire others to seek goodness in life by looking with a lens of gratitude. Amanda shares that gratitude with others through the talents that she’s been given. She believes that following your purpose will not only be the most exciting and wonderful way to live your life but that it will also be the way that you can change the world. It’s more than looking at the bright side, it’s seeing the good that’s always been there, one intentional moment at a time.

How Did We Meet?

Amanda was introduced to me through a mutual author friend. My friend knows that I am always looking for inspirational guests who want to share their stories and talk about what God has done for them. When I found out that Amanda moved out of her home to take care of her elderly parents, I knew she would make the perfect guest.

How Did 'A Cup of Gratitude Start?

Amanda lives in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania in a farmhouse built in the 1600s. She put her writing, book signing, and speaking engagements on hold to take care of her parents. Everyone has a story to share, and Amanda's story is all about gratitude. She began choosing gratitude during a traumatic time in her life when she received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. 


While caring for her parents, she began to feel isolated from the world she knew and cried out to God for direction. God spoke to Amanda about sharing her story through a podcast. At the time, Amanda had not even listened to a podcast, much less how to start a podcast of her own. But she trusted God knew the plans he had for her and what she should be doing for His glory. He always works things out for our good and for his glory when placing our complete faith and trust in him. 


Amanda took action and converted an old closet into a podcast booth and started her podcast, A Cup of Gratitude. Her podcast took flight and is now reaching 69 Countries and 920 Cities all over the world, all while continuing to care for her elderly parents - ages 88 and 92.


See how God works out all things, even when things seem hopeless or impossible. With God, all things are possible to those who trust and believe in Him!

What's Next for Amanda?

Amanda is currently working on another book project along with video projects. Amanda is completely intentional, choosing repeatedly to be grateful. She chooses to engage her senses and to journal good things in her life, one moment at a time. 


She encourages others to discover their passion and ways to develop that passion helping others. 

A Cup of Gratitude Podcast



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