We're excited to introduce our new commenting system, powered by Facebook. Starting right now, you can comment on and "like" our posts right on the site using your Facebook login, and share them instantly with your friends on Facebook, too. You'll also be able to post when logged into a Yahoo account (and even more ways to comment coming soon).

More useful info on the update below the jump.

Toggle Switch

Our new system includes a handy "Post to Facebook" toggle switch (that neat check box you see there on the left, underneath the comment box), allowing every comment you post to show up on our site and in your Facebook news feed.

That way, you can share your thoughts with visitors to this site and with your Facebook friends.

Plus, friends can join the conversation themselves right from Facebook — comments made on Facebook appear on the thread here, and comments made on here appear on Facebook, too. Feel free to interact with us either way.

Like lots of other sites, we're making this upgrade to make things easier for you — so you can share your thoughts with your friends, and start a conversation that continues here and on Facebook. Go ahead and give it a try — and let us know what you think.

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