I'm just gonna say, "Hallelujah!" Then, I'm gonna throw a really cool vocabulary word at you...SCHADENFREUDE!

Pronounced (SHOD'-en-FROID), it means taking pleasure in another's misfortune.

And, typically, that's a very bad thing to do. It's mean.

But when people who make phone calls to American citizens pretending to be the IRS in order to scam said citizens out of who-knows-HOW-much money and those disreputable people get caught, then I'm kind of pleased about that.

This is what happened about a week ago, according to WHAS/Louisville.

A federal judge in Texas lowered the boom on 21 residents of eight states--including Indiana and Illinois--by sentencing them to up to 20 years in prison for passing themselves off as Internal Revenue Service operatives and then, in some cases, actually threatening the person called with arrests or lawsuits if they didn't fork over a phony tax debt.

Truly despicable people.

I was relieved when I learned my elderly mother no longer answers her phone when she doesn't recognize the number or, especially, the area code.

So, yes, I'm experiencing a little happiness that these scumbags have been nailed by the feds.

And I hope this isn't the last time highly unscrupulous lowlifes like this get their just deserts.

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