I have always found abandoned houses and buildings fascinating. It's a combination of the  dark beauty of the structures and the stories the structures could tell. I always wonder why or how they ended up this way, what they looked like in their prime, the families that lived there, or the people who worshiped or worked at the in the building. My mom and I used to go exploring all the time.

We never are across anything like this though. Literally, on the side of a cliff in Kentucky, sits this structure. The picture was taken by Kenny Ross and posted on the Abandoned Kentucky Facebook page. And, yes it IS abandoned, thank God. But, I can't help but be curious about its story. Who made it and why? And, why put it in Powell County, KY on a cliff?

Kenny Ross

Unless it really landed there for us to find. I mean look, apparently aliens look just like we think they do. LOL

Kenny Ross

I love this though. It's just something so totally random that appears during a hike in the Eastern Kentucky hills and cliffs. Can you imagine walking up on this with kids? They would never for get it. It would like a Close Encounters of the (almost) Third Kind.

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