Are we still falling for April Fools' Day jokes? I ask because there they always are on April 1st, a day SET ASIDE for practical jokes and shenanigans. And yet they are still expected and people still fall for them.


Several years ago--it's actually been a couple of decades--a morning personality on this radio station asked me to help with an on-air April Fools' Day prank. I wish I could remember the details, but a couple of friends of his from Cyprus called in to record some stuff for his show. And they were speaking Turkish. Anyway, it was all very elaborate and, unfortunately, NOT very believable.

Is ANYTHING believable on April 1st, no matter how convincing?

I believe the same goes for Halloween. But somehow THOSE scares work. Maybe it's in our DNA because we're supposed to be scared at SOME point during the Halloween season. Take a look at these hilarious pranks, for example:

I'm a particular fan of the boy in the blue shirt who was going to "punch" the scarecrow just as the scarecrow "woke up." Funny stuff.

So is this. WSBT-South Bend shared this video of an Amazon driver in Tennessee who gets a startling surprise upon delivery.

I've watched that several times and I cannot get over his priceless reaction. But that's just it. It IS Halloween and more and more homes are being elaborately decorated for the occasion every single year.

He shouldn't have been that surprised something happened, but maybe that's the secret spell this time of year casts over all of us. Maybe, despite expectations, we are just going to get "got" from time to time.

Hey, that works for me.

Also, bonus points for the audio on that particular decoration. I think that sells it just as much as anything.

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