My buddy PJ Starks, horror filmmaker extraordinaire, has made Owensboro his personal fright flick set for the last decade or so, including his acclaimed Volumes of Blood trilogy.

A "devil" Halloween mask was designed specifically for Volumes of Blood and then became available for sale at, for example, our own Halloween Havoc.

PJ Starks
Katrina Starks

Well, something cool has happened along the way.

When Deadpool 2--one of this year's blockbusters--is re-released in December in a PG-13 version, that mask shows up in a scene that's part of additional footage.

The mask is in the top left corner behind Fred Savage's head in a scene that parodies a scene from The Princess Bride.

PJ was jazzed that he "is now one degree separated from Ryan Reynolds" because of that mask.

(And, I guess, TWO away from Fred Savage?)

The Volumes of Blood Devil Mask is making the rounds, isn't it?


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