A couple of years ago, I did a rundown of the worst intersections in Owensboro. Well...I left one off.

And, in fact, it's the one that may be my LEAST favorite intersection in town.

And it's a really old one, too, that involves FIVE different streets/roads and an optical illusion.

I'm talking about the point where Triplett Street splits off into Veach Road and New Hartford Road and intersects with Old Hartford Road. There's also the matter of drivers coming off of 22nd Street onto Veach.


Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

There is SERIOUSLY a lot going on right there. And when you're coming out of Old Hartford, those cars on Triplett look reasonably far away and then when you're in the middle of the intersection, they're on top of you.

A bizarre optical illusion.

I almost had a wreck at that intersection earlier today and then it occurred to me...this intersection should've been at the TOP of my earlier list.

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