Oh yes!  A couple of weeks back, Chad wrote about the rumor that McDonald's would be bringing back their Halloween Happy Meal pails for this spooky season. Well, the rumor is true!


The fast food company announced today/Thursday, they will be bringing back the Happy Meal buckets for this Halloween. The last time they were available was in 2016 and the design was based on It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

McPunkin', McGoblin, and McBoo, the original trio of buckets that arrived for the first time all the way back in 1986, are back. However, they will look a little different. I would say they might be a little sturdier, maybe? One new bit of news, there will be three versions/faces of each spooky design, so you have the potential to make a new collection of nine Halloween Happy Meal buckets.

And yes, the buckets double perfectly as receptacles for collecting candy on Halloween Night.

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As far as I can tell, the buckets will not glow in the dark this time around. However, according to the official press release, the folks at McDonald's suggest you reuse your buckets in a lot of creative ways, such as using them for your Halloween decorations or pot a few plants in one. Using the buckets as drums, I'm down for that.

So, when will the new Happy Meal buckets be available? According to McDonald's, they will be available starting Tuesday, October 18th through October 31st. As always, supplies will be limited, so don't miss out.


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