This is not a drill! The beloved breakfast menu item that many have been clamoring to return seems to be making a comeback very soon!

McDonald's bagels were first introduced on the menu in 1999 with various combinations of Spanish omelet, sausage, ham, steak, egg, and cheese available. It was a hit among millions, my fiancee being one of them. It was a menu mainstay for two decades before it was dropped from stores during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, people all over have been begging McDonald's to bring back this fan-favorite breakfast item. The items have had limited releases around the country since then, but eventually returned to the McDonald’s vault.

I can't tell you how many times I have heard my fiancee tell me that she's craving a steak, egg, and cheese breakfast bagel sandwich from McDonald's. That girl gets so bent out of shape over the fact that she can't have one. Well, good news, honey...

The Breakfast Bagel is Returning to Southern Indiana

That's right! It looks like after years of people demanding McDonald's to bring the breakfast bagel back, it's finally happening here in Southern Indiana. Our sister station, WBKR, announced the bagle sandwiches return in Western Kentucky including Eddyville, Madisonville, Marion, Owensboro, Princeton, and Providence will be on March 19th. So I was curious as to when we here in Southern Indiana can expect them or if we could at all. As it turns out, Evansville McDonald's teased this on Facebook recently, and somehow, nobody is talking about it.

The same post was shared on various McDonald's locations across southern Indiana on Facebook. Now, you might be thinking that since the image is blurred, there's a chance that it isn't the breakfast bagel sandwiches, but let me present Exhibit A to prove that these items are making a comeback.

That image looks oddly familiar to the blurred one, doesn't it? So, McDonald's has yet to announce the return date for the breakfast bagel sandwiches here in southern Indiana, but they are coming soon!

...and to my fiancee...I hope you're happy now!

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