Having recently purchased a home, I have been doing my fair share of DIY projects. Within the last couple of weeks, I've painted my kitchen cabinets, begun putting in new baseboards, and even swapped out some light fixtures here and there. Additionally, I've been spending quite a bit of time cleaning up my yard after having several ugly bushes removed. As spring-cleaning continues, I'm sure more projects are on the horizon.

Earlier in 2024, USA Today reported that, due to rising costs, many homeowners are opting for DIY options when it comes to home improvement. While hiring a professional is usually the best way to go, when your short on cash, a quick YouTube video and a trip to Menards are sometimes your only options. One website recently broke down the most popular DIY projects by state and Indiana's is no surprise. But before we take a look at that particular item on many Hoosiers' honey-do lists, I think there are a couple of states that should get an honorable mention.

Craft Jack says that residents in Montana often take on the DIY project of putting up wallpaper. However, they're not just putting up any ordinary wallpaper, but rather, they're investing time and money on faux leather wallpaper. Wyoming and Rhode Island residents are doing the same. I honestly didn't even know people still put wallpaper in their homes, let alone wallpaper that looks like cow hide. Some folks might be watching a little too much Yellowstone.

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The most popular DIY project among Hoosiers is a little more common and is also one that's on my own to-do list. According to Craft Jack, Indiana's favorite DIY project is the fire pit, which is also the biggest home improvement trend in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and a few other states. Luckily, I've built a fire pit or two in my life, so this is nothing new. However, if you just want a place to hang out with friends, roast some hot dogs, and toast some s'mores, a simple metal ring will do the trick.

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