Over the hills, and through the woods: just how far are you willing to drive to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with mom?

Nothing Like a Homecooked Meal

There is nothing quite like the taste of a homecooked meal made by your mom and for many, Thanksgiving is a special time to enjoy food made by your momma. More often than not, you were served dishes that you only got to enjoy at Thanksgiving.

As a Midwestern Gen-Xer, the holiday always meant that we would have the special sweet salads - the Waldorf Salad made with apples and pecans, and then there was one made with mandarin oranges, mini marshmallows, and shaved coconut. It was a family tradition in our house.

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Making It Special

For you, maybe it was the way your mom made her "world-famous" stuffing, or perhaps she made the perfect pumpkin pie. While you might drive across town for whatever it is that made it extra special for you, what about across the state?

Many, Many Miles for a Meal

A recent study shared by Gunther Mazda details just how far Americans are willing to drive to enjoy a homecooked holiday meal. For residents in Wyoming, they are truly dedicated to their mom's culinary craft and are willing to drive as many as fourteen hours to feast. Those living in Rhode Island are not about the road trip life and are only willing to drive one hour, placing them at the bottom of the list.

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Hungry Hoosiers

It seems Indiana residents fall somewhere in the middle of the list. Hungry Hoosiers are willing to travel 5.9 hours to share a memorable meal with mom and the rest of the family.

Holiday Travel Safety

The automotive dealer shared some handy holiday travel tips as well to ensure your road trip is as smooth as it can be, whether it's an hour-long drive across town or a cross-country road trip.

<strong>Embark With Preparation and Patience:</strong> Anticipate a symphony of engines on the highways as families converge from all corners. Be the maestro of your journey by planning for the unexpected. Remember, the road is a stage for the unexpected performance of delays and detours.

You can read more of their road safety tips on their website but for now, Happy Turkey Day and safe travels!

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