Kat Von D is a big fan of the Hoosier state, and she's been working on planting a field for folks to enjoy.

Black Garden Dreams

I've always been fascinated by unique colored plants, and I've always had a dream of starting a unique plant garden at my house I was always inspired to do this by Kat Von D. When Kat lived in California she would regularly share her black garden, where she had several black plant varieties and it made for a unique and stunning sight. I've always thought it would be so cool to do that in the Hoosier state.   Well, I haven't had time to do that just yet,  but Kat Von D has, and she has planted thousands of black tulips for people to enjoy.

Photo by Job Vermeulen on Unsplash
Photo by Job Vermeulen on Unsplash

Black Tulips

In November of 2023, Kat Von D took to Instagram to share that she planted 10,000 Qyen of the Night Tulips.  Although Queen of the Night Tulips aren't jet black, they are the darkest variety of tulips you can find.  According to Breck, these tulips are such a deep maroon that they appear black.

A rare, unique colour for your garden!

Velvety, deep maroon black blooms on sturdy stems provide sensational contrast in borders and arrangements. Certain to be the center of attention wherever displayed. Very long lasting.

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Thousands of Black Tulips to Enjoy

Spring is finally here, and it's the time of year when we see everything "wake up" after a long, cold winter.  It's the time of year when plants bloom, and we start seeing flowers emerge.   If you want to experience a unique sight, you won't have to travel too far, just up the road to Vevay, Indiana to experience 10,000 black tulips.

Kat Von D shared in November that she was planting tulips in a field near her Indiana home to bring some unique beauty to her community and have something for people to enjoy.   She recently shared an update to her new Instagram page promoting her town of Vevay, Indiana, and shared that the tulips are finally starting to come up. I cannot wait to see what a field of thousands of black tulips look like when they're all in bloom!



See her update below, and if you decide to travel to Vevay to see this field of tulips, please remember these tulips are on private property and are a labor of love for the community to enjoy, so please be respectful.




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