According to a recent study, Indiana has some of the best roads in the entire country.

Indiana is known as "The Crossroads of America," mainly because the city of Indianapolis is the hub for several major Interstate highways that crisscross the state, connecting Hoosiers to the rest of the United States. Recently, the state of Indiana was named one of the best states in the entire country to drive in. While Indiana is full of roads that offer great scenery and make for a great Sunday drive, we also have a few sketchy roads throughout the state too. Whether they are very narrow, curvy, crowded with other drivers, or just full of potholes, I'm sure we can all think of a few roads that we tend to try to avoid.

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That being said, despite those sketchy roads, and the construction we constantly see throughout the state, the "Crossroads of America" is home to some of the best roads in the United States. The study, by Consumer Affairs, used data from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration and analyzed which states have the worst (and best) roads based on both safety and road quality. They also surveyed residents throughout the nation to get their feedback on the roadways as well.

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Indiana Has Some of the Best Roads in the United States

Despite traffic, construction, and a few bad drivers, Indiana found itself with the third-best roads in the United States, according to Consumer Affairs. The Hoosier State manages to keep a relatively low rate of fatalities per mile driven. Indiana residents in the survey agreed that the roads were “pretty decent” and “easy to drive on.” Here are a few key data points from the study regarding Indiana roads:

  • Fatalities per 100 million miles driven: 1.17
  • Percentage of rural roads rated poor: 2%
  • Percentage of urban roads rated poor: 6%
  • Yearly road improvement spend: $3.722 billion

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Are you surprised by these findings? Personally, with the amount of potholes, construction, and weird/dangerous intersections I have seen in the state, I thought Indiana would be much lower on this list. However, I am pleasantly surprised by the findings. It's nice to know that our roads aren't nearly as bad as some of the other states.

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