If you hate driving around in Kentucky, apparently you have a really good reason.

While Kentucky is full of roads that offer great scenery and make for a great Sunday drive, we also have a few sketchy roads throughout the state too. Whether they are very narrow, curvy, crowded with other drivers, or just full of potholes, I'm sure we can all think of a few roads that we tend to try to avoid. Furthermore, there are a few cities in the state where driving is much more hectic. As it turns out, apparently Kentucky is the worst state in the country for drivers for various reasons.

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Kentucky is the Most Dangerous State for Drivers

The website, Travel A Lot, recently posted about the safest and most dangerous states for drivers. To determine the answers, they used data on road DUI arrests, fatalities, and those driving without insurance. Other factors included weather, driver quality and driver safety. That being said, what makes Kentucky the most dangerous state for drivers? Here's what Travel A Lot said:

<p>According to<em> SmartFinancial</em>’s statistics, Kentucky ranks as the most dangerous state for drivers. It has been estimated that there are 514 DUI arrested per 100,000 drivers. And for every 100 miles driven, there are 1.48 fatalities. Kentucky has consistently earned a top spot as one of the most dangerous states for driving.</p><p>And should you get into an accident, you may likely deal with an uninsured driver as the percentage of uninsured drivers is at 13.9%. On Bankrate’s list of the Best and Worst States for Driving, Kentucky ranked only 41 in driving safety and for weather, it ranked number 35. All of this makes it rank as the most dangerous state for drivers.</p>
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Kind of makes me think twice about driving through Kentucky. Honestly, especially driving through cities like Louisville is a nightmare for me not only because of the construction, but the drivers there are way more aggressive than I'm comfortable with. I'm not saying that everyone in Louisville or Kentucky are bad drivers, but it only takes a handful to ruin it for the rest of the bunch.

You can take a look at the safest and most dangerous states for drivers by clicking here.

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