If you're looking for a new furry member to add to your family, or you're living the single life and you need a new best friend because you're over people, let me introduce you to our Pet of the Week from the Vanderburgh Humane Society (VHS). Meet Onyx.

Onyx's Story

Onyx is a 3-year-old the VHS describes as "strikingly handsome AND a giant goofball." He knows how to sit and is working really hard on not getting too excited when you ask him to do it. The VHS says he's not aware of his size and would be great for an active home to help get that energy out. He recently went on a 4-mile walk with his Big Dog Buddy and did great. He wasn’t even distracted by the deer that came across their path.

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His adoption fee is $150 which covers the cost of his neuter, microchip, and up-to-date vaccinations. All of which would add up to WAY more than $150 if you paid for each of them individually.

If you'd like to get a jump on the adoption process for Onyx, or any of the animals the VHS offers that you might be interested in, you can fill out some of the paperwork in advance on the VHS website.

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