Eight days after the West Side Nut Club announced the winning ticket number for the 2023 Fall Festival Half Pot, the club held a press conference announcing a winner had come forward to claim their share of the massive jackpot during a press conference on Monday afternoon at their office on the corner of Franklin and 11th Streets.

Speaking on behalf of the Club, this year's Publicity Chairman, Todd Helfert, began the press conference by saying the winning ticket holder had come forward but elected to remain anonymous which is allowed under Indiana law.

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In their place was Dale Beaver, pastor of Christian Fellowship Church, whom the family asked to read a statement on their behalf. It was revealed the winners are a married couple who live in Evansville. They have a couple with children, some of whom they've acquired through adoption. They plan on using the money for college, paying off not only their mortgage but the mortgages of their parents' homes as well. Additionally, they intend to donate some of the money to a few of the non-profits they support, and will splurge a little bit with a family vacation along with a pool. You can watch the complete press conference on the West Side Nut Club Facebook page.

In its fifth year, the half pot climbed to an incredible $1,823,320. That's $183,450 more than was raised last year, and over $600,000 more than in 2019, the year the drawing debuted. This year's winning ticket pocketed the winner $911,660 (before taxes).

What the West Side Nut Club Does with Their Half of the Jackpot

As they've done each of the previous years since launching the half-pot drawing, the Club will combine their half of the jackpot with the other funds raised through booth rental space at the Fall Festival and donate it to local schools, non-profits, and other organizations. The decision on which organizations get money and how much they receive is made by the club as a whole. Organizations first request funding through an online form on the Club's website where they provide details on what their organization is, what it does, how much money they would like to receive, and how that money, if granted by the Club, will be used.

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