The Warrick County Sheriff's Office has gone viral thanks to a very excited K-9.

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It's always neat to see local faces going viral for all the right reasons.  The Warrick County Sheriff's Office is no stranger to going viral they have a few TikToks that have received more than a million views each so they're no strangers to going viral online.  However, a new recruitment video went mega viral because of one overzealous, and excited K-9.

WCSO on Tik Tok and Canva
WCSO on Tik Tok and Canva


A  Very Good Boy Helps With Recruiting

The most recent viral to go viral from the Warrick County Sheriff's Office is a video for recruitment that had a little extra help from K-9 Jinx.  In the video, Warrick County Sheriff Michael Wilder is talking about recruiting when K-9 Jinx leaps over the table and the entire room erupts in laughter.  The video currently has more than 5 million views and 1.9 million likes, and when you watch it you'll see why, you can't help but laugh!

@wcso7K-9 Jinx was such a good boy for wanting to help with the Warrick County Sheriff’s recruitment video! We appreciate his patience and cooperation ♬ original sound - WCSO

The video above looks to be the outtakes from the video below where the Warrick County Sheriff's Office talks about how they are currently recruiting. According to their website, they are currently accepting applications for the position of Deputy Sheriff.  If you're interested in learning more you can find more information, here. 

@wcso7 Exciting opportunity to join the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office Serve your community and make a difference! We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, as well as excellent career development possibilities. Applications can be found at the Sheriff’s Office or on our website! We are accepting applications until February 2. #nowhiring #warrickcountysheriff ♬ original sound - WCSO

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