It has only been about five months since Indiana's largest concrete skate park officially opened to the public in Evansville, and the project is already planning for expansion.

Nearly a Decade in the Making - Sunset Skatepark Has Been a Passion Project

The project, known as Sunset Skatepark, has been a passion project years in the making. Fundraising for the project began in 2015, and more than 600 skateboarders, skaters, and BMX bikers came together to brainstorm, fundraise, and bring the park to fruition.

Sunset Skatepark Consistently Draws a Crowd Since Officially Opening to the Public

Ground was broken for the park on December 12, 2022, and after a year of permits, plans, and building, Sunset Skatepark opened to the public in December of 2023. Since its public debut, the skate park has drawn a crowd - even through what remained of a Midwestern winter.

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Young & Old: Sunset Skatepark Is Bringing People Together

I drive past Sunset Skatepark almost daily, sometimes twice a day throughout the week, and there have only been a handful of times that I have been by and seen the park empty. Driving past the park on the weekends is even more awe inspiring. On the weekends, Sunset Skatepark is packed with people - young and old. There is no doubt that this has been a much needed addition to our outdoor playscape in Evansville.


Work Behind the Scenes Never Stopped for Sunset Skatepark

With all of those people, it's no surprise to learn that the folks working behind the scenes have been trying to access funds to add seating around the park, and today we learned that Sunset Skatepark is the beneficiary of a $3,000 grant awarded from the Evansville Parks Foundation.

We wrote another grant and won $3,000 for more seating at the park! New benches and picnic tables coming your way soon!! So many complements today on the great job Hunger did on our park and how cool it is to see people from all walks of life and ages utilizing it on a daily basis! Can’t wait to see it everyday this summer! Thank you to the Evansville Parks Foundation for seeing our vision and helping us make it a reality!

New Benches and Picnic Tables Planned for Sunset Skatepark

In a post to Facebook, Sunset Skatepark thanked the Evansville Parks Foundation, noting that the grant money will be used to add new benches and picnic tables to the park. If you have not had the opportunity to visit Sunset Skatepark, it is located along the Evansville Riverfront, just off Riverside Drive, and it is the largest concrete skatepark in Indiana.

[Source: Sunset Skatepark via Facebook]

Largest Skatepark In America is in Iowa

A work in progress for several years, last spring saw the opening of Lauridsen Skatepark in Des Moines. Measuring up at 88,000 feet long, this is the largest skatepark in the entire country.

Gallery Credit: Kerri Mac

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