Officials in Indiana are saying we can expect a massive influx of travelers to the Hoosier State for the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. This has the potential to lead to some hiccups when it comes to travel.

Nearly A Million People Expected to Travel to Indiana for the 2024 Solar Eclipse

There are roughly 6.8 million people living in the state of Indiana and officials say they expect nearly one million more people to travel to the state to view the total eclipse. There are events - big and small - planned all across the state and that is going to mean a lot of traffic too.

How Bad Could Traffic Really Be for the 2024 Eclipse?

You may be wondering just how bad traffic could get leading up to and after the eclipse. To get an idea of what to expect, let's take a look at the last total eclipse that passed over the United States.

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On August 21, 2017 there was a solar eclipse that moved from coast to coast leaving many states in the path of totality. While parts of Indiana were on the fringes, and did experience a partial eclipse, our neighbors in parts of Illinois and Kentucky were in the path of totality. The day of the 2017 eclipse, Henderson, Kentucky newspaper, The Gleaner reported on an hours-long traffic jam.

Large traffic jams at the southbound Ohio River crossing in Henderson Monday morning lasted for hours as thousands tried to get near the epi-center of Monday's total eclipse. And almost immediately after the totality of the eclipse passed at 1:24 p.m. -- the outflow of traffic from southwestern Kentucky began. - The Gleaner
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Interstates Became More Like Parking Lots Because of the 2017 Eclipse

In the video below, WTHR out of Indianapolis reports that during the 2017 eclipse a trip that would normally take one hour took five. In Kentucky in particular, some were stuck in traffic for 9 hours as they attempted to head back home from viewing the eclipse in 2017.

...bumper to bumper for miles. A one hour trip taking five hours. That same year in Kentucky, the same deal. The post-eclipse exodus a traffic nightmare lasting nine hours in the path of totality. Interstates... more like parking lots. - WTHR

How to Be Prepared for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Being stuck in traffic for hours does not sound like fun. However, planning ahead for your 2024 total solar eclipse travel can at least make the experience more bearable. We have put together a guide with some suggestions that should help you plan your eclipse experience and will hopefully make things a little easier on you. Find the guide below.

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2024 Total Solar Eclipse Travel Packing Guide

The total solar eclipse is coming on April 8, 2024, but before you load up the car to go see it, you will want to be sure you have planned accordingly. From making your plans to being prepared when you get there, our Eclipse Travel Packing Guide can help!

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