A new study ranks Illinois among the best states for singles to find love.

Single and Ready to Mingle

A lot goes into making a match with someone, and where you live can dramatically impact your ability to find a love connection. Some places make it easier to find romance than others. A new study from WalletHub breaks down which states are the best (and worst) places for singles looking to mingle.

The Study

WalletHub looked at all fifty states utilizing twenty-nine metrics in three different categories that they ranked on "dating-friendliness."

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Dating Opportunities Abound

The first category, "Dating Opportunities" was broken down into several metrics including the opportunities for online dating, the opportunities for mobile dating, as well as residents' openness to relationships. WalletHub also looked at how many singles reside in each state and at the ratio of single women to single men across several age demographics.


Dating Economics 101

When it comes to going on a date, the tab can run up pretty quickly. WalletHub analyzed the costs for things like a beer, a latte, and even the cost to buy a movie ticket. Additionally, they took a deep dive into the median household income, the unemployment rate, and housing affordability.

Romance and Fun for All

The final key category that analysts dug into looks at things like how many restaurants are in each state per capita, and the number of attractions like museums, zoos, and cultural centers. In addition to restaurants per capita, the study looked at nature parks, fitness and recreation centers, music festivals, and other fun experiences per capita.

The Top Three

Topping the list of Best States for Singles are Florida, Texas, and California, according to the study. All three ranked highly in part because of the overwhelming number of attractions in each state. Florida ranks the highest in the country for attractions like amusement parks, festivals, and restaurants.

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Where Is Illinois on the List

Not far behind on the list, in the number six position, we find Illinois with a total score of 59.22. The state ranked fifth overall for dating opportunities and sixth overall for romance and fun. However, it did rank much lower, number 34 out of 50, when it came to the metrics involved with dating economics.

There is no doubt that single Illinoisians have a great deal of potential when it comes to being lucky in love!

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