One Indiana State Police Sergeant is reminding motorists how to properly use the left lane.

Left and Right Lane Cars Pacing Each Other

We have all experienced it: you're driving along in the right lane when you come up onto someone driving a little slower than you so you merge into the left lane to go around them. Then, when you get into the left lane you find yourself behind someone pacing the car in the right lane that you are trying to get around.

Cruising in the Left-Hand Lane

Another scenario: You're driving along in the right lane when you come up on, and pass a car that has been driving in the left lane for the last 5 miles. No doubt, it is infuriating and you find yourself wondering if the person behind the wheel dug their license out of the bottom of a cereal box.

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Driving in the Left Lane Can Get You Pulled Over

As it turns out, driving in the left lane is illegal and can result in being pulled over by authorities. Indiana State Police Sergeant Stephen Wheeles reminded the public of this recently with a post to social media [below]. Sergeant Wheeles is with District 42 of the Indiana State Police out of Versailles, and he said: "This afternoon, I stopped a vehicle on I-74 that was traveling in the left lane, refusing to move over to allow other vehicles to pass."

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Left Lane Driving is Dangerous and Can Cause a Crash

Sergeant Wheeles goes on to point out the very important reason why you should never drive in the left-hand lane, but rather only use it to pass. "Remember, you must move to the right and allow other motorists to pass you on the left. This allows traffic to flow smoother, preventing crashes."

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So the next time you find yourself cruising along in the left lane, do everyone a favor, hit your turn signal, and merge back into the right-hand lane. Happy motoring!

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