Autumn carries a unique charm for everyone, offering a diverse array of experiences. Some eagerly anticipate hayrides and the comforting aroma of apple cider. For others, it's the joy of exploring pumpkin patches and navigating intricate corn mazes. And then, there are families seeking outdoor farm adventures to create lasting memories.

The Journey Begins with the Perfect Pumpkin

Personally, I adore the fall season, especially Halloween. We all know that celebrating Halloween isn't complete without a well-carved jack-o-lantern, and it all begins with selecting the perfect pumpkin. While you could easily purchase one from a chain store, there's something inherently satisfying and fun about venturing into a pumpkin patch and handpicking your ideal jack-o-lantern candidate. So, if you're on the quest for that flawless pumpkin, keep scrolling to explore the variety of options we've compiled from local pumpkin patches and farms across Southern Indiana, Southeastern Illinois, and Western Kentucky.

Diverse Experiences Await: Hayrides and Corn Mazes

Another enchanting facet of autumn lies in the allure of hayrides and the intriguing twists of corn mazes. In our Midwest locale, there's no scarcity of mazes and hayrides beckoning exploration. If your idea of fall fun involves these delightful activities, we've curated a list of some of the best options in our region, which you can find below.

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Unforgettable Autumn Entertainment for the Whole Family

For parents searching for the ideal venue to let their kids unleash their energy during the fall break, our list below offers a multitude of choices. The Tri-state area abounds with places perfectly suited for entertaining kids of all ages that include activities like hayrides, corn mazes, and petting zoos!


Adults, We Haven't Forgotten You!

Perhaps your idea of a perfect autumn day leans more toward adult-oriented experiences, such as a visit to a winery or distillery boasting an array of fall flavors. Alternatively, maybe you're inclined towards the adrenaline rush of Zombie Paintball. You're in luck! We've meticulously curated a list of some of the finest locations to partake in fall-themed enjoyment, catering to a diverse range of tastes.

While this compilation isn't exhaustive and may not include every gem in the region, it provides a diverse selection of nearly 30 delightful spots, all within a convenient two-hour drive of Evansville, Henderson, and Owensboro. Some of these hidden gems may be nestled right in our own backyard, sparing you from long road trips. Keep scrolling to uncover your new favorite fall traditions across our region of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.

2023 Fall Fun Guide: Pumpkin Patches, Orchards, Hayrides, Corn Mazes + More

Your list of all things fall in and around the Ohio Valley in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. From pumpkin patches and hayrides to orchards and corn mazes, here's a list of the best places to take the family or go on an adult's adult-only adventure.