If taking an ice bath is on your bucket list this summer, maybe consider taking a dip in below zero weather like this Rockford guy.

You see the wildest things just scrolling on Instagram.  For as long as I have known him, my friend Jarrod has always done ice baths in his backyard.  I never really understood it until I tried it, but he does it literally every day.

Really though, what are the benefits of an ice bath?

"After an ice bath, your body temperature rises, and blood flow returns to your tissues. Ice baths may help improve alertness, reduce pain, and decrease inflammation." [health]

It's already way too cold to even step foot outside, so I can't even imagine what this feels like getting into the giant barrel in the dead of winter.  Just watching this video makes me shiver!

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When Jarrod isn't chillin' in his giant barrel with freezing water, he's slingin' t-shirts over at Rockford Art Deli in downtown Rockford!  He's the owner!

He actually brought a friend along in another video and you'll never guess what he was wearing: a robe!  Man, they are built different.  Luckily, these ice baths only last 2 to 6 minutes at a time when they're doing it in extreme weather conditions.  Any longer and they'd probably freeze in the barrels and have to chisel their way out!


Honestly, my biggest question is what do Jarrod's neighbors think about this?  Do they watch out their window and wonder what he's doing in a barrel?  So many questions to be answered.

Would you dare take an ice bath in the middle of winter in negative degree weather?  I wouldn't, but that's just me being a wimp.  More power to you fearless humans!

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